Monday, December 29, 2014

Neon Bow Giveaway!

(Update!) The giveaway will end on January 10th!

Hi Jammers!
I haven't been here in quite a while, and sorry for the mishap of the other contest I have seemed to loss what people wanted due to me clearing my emails stupidly l:I
So if you would send me the email again if you sent one cause I was not really to bright there.

Anyways, onto the next contest. By contest I mean giveaway by giveaway I mean you don't have to have special digital talents :D yay!
I still don't have a time to end this giveaway so just enter as soon as possible.
(btw I might end it New Year's since I had like 4 people enter in the matter of the 6 hours it was up)

Now onto the actual giveaway lol
For this one I shall give a really good rare I am never using :P

Yes a neon bow, also normal rules anyways.
Enter your username, your member status (non member or member), but an optional reason!
Then for those of you who want it, the video :3

(Btw for those of you who might be like "OMG WHERE'S MY COMMENT!!!"
I have comments set to this preview accept thing so I don't have you post extra, please only enter once :3)


  1. User: Rosy265
    Status: Member
    Reason: Even though Im not that rare, people say that you can get rlly good stuff off of a neon bow!

  2. User: Jammer66732
    Status: Nonmember
    Reason: I love neon bows!!! :3

  3. Username:kk170029
    Status: Member
    Reason: Well, I'm rare\beta due to my Animal Jam den or Trade List, but I'm easy to trick so I obviously get scammed trying to obtain valuable items. I really want\need the Neon Bow because it will force me to not wish for anything else and will establish peace from getting me scammed ever again. Peace, happines~ Katy

  4. Who won the contest?

    1. Oh I completely forgot! I will be announcing the winners today ^.^


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All comments will be show at end of the contest.