Tuesday, January 27, 2015

WINNERS! For Neon Bow Contest

FINALLY the winners of the contest I completely forget about here to post it I am so sorry guys ;-;

Monday, December 29, 2014

Neon Bow Giveaway!

(Update!) The giveaway will end on January 10th!

Hi Jammers!
I haven't been here in quite a while, and sorry for the mishap of the other contest I have seemed to loss what people wanted due to me clearing my emails stupidly l:I
So if you would send me the email again if you sent one cause I was not really to bright there.

Anyways, onto the next contest. By contest I mean giveaway by giveaway I mean you don't have to have special digital talents :D yay!
I still don't have a time to end this giveaway so just enter as soon as possible.
(btw I might end it New Year's since I had like 4 people enter in the matter of the 6 hours it was up)

Now onto the actual giveaway lol
For this one I shall give a really good rare I am never using :P

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Art Contest! (ended plz participants resend your emails to get prize!)

Hi jammers! Jammer49612 is here announcing the next giveaway! Here's a picture
It's an art contest! The prizes are, a wood floor, planet walls, red brick walls, moon dirt, and a mummy glove. Here are the rules:
1. You must say what items you want from favorite to least favorite
2. You must either give me the photo through link and comment it below, from Instagram and do #cupcake00014contest, or just send me an email of it (cookiestripes2@gmail.com)
3. You cannot win if you don't follow rule 1 COMPLETELY

1st place prize: 2 most favorite items from list
2nd place prize: 2 most favorite items from left over list
3rd place prize: remaining item

The contest ends August 20th, good luck!

*EDIT* The contest has been moved to Nov. 14th now! A.K.A. Cupcake00014's bday! :D
The contest entries so far are great as well!

5,000 views contest Winner!

Oops! I completely forgot to post the results of the giveaway! 
I made a video with it anyways so I am just gonna import it with this post and publish. :P
Don't watch the end if you just want the results :3

Monday, August 4, 2014

5,000 views Giveaway! (ended)

Hi jammers! Welcome to my next giveaway! This Giveaway is for my 5,000 views! (late)
So this video is what really gives all the details but in case you somehow couldn't watch it here:
1. The Giveaway ends September 21st
2. Please Include Username, Status, and Reason is Optional
3. Notice that I am not saying to include item, this means you will get a random item out of the 4.

Good Luck!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

ISpy Jamaa (ended)

Hi jammers! I have reached 2,000 views which means... GIVEAWAY TIME!!! I have been doing the same thing for my giveaway so this one is gonna be different.

1. Put your username.
2. Put yours answers down remember to say what picture is for what guess.
3. Put your member status non members can play too

1. Do not copy another person's answers
2. Be pacific and don't say animal jam for all the answers
3. All of the answers will be in a land or water area in jamaa



Hints: Some of the places may be in a shop and there is one place named twice. Don't forget to check out ALL the lands in jamaa 

1st place: Chooses any group of items
2nd place: Chooses any group of items but what first place chose
3rd place: The remanding group of items

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Golden Spike Collar and Wind Helmet Giveaway (ended)

Hi Jammers I made a new giveaway! This is for the 1,000 views you got me! Thanks so much for these views. Rules: Put your
and Item you want (wind helmet or nr golden spike collar)
Member status
Username: Jammer49612
Status: member
Reason: .......
Item: nr golden spike collar